What are the different levels of rope access training?

Technicians may also progress through three levels as time, experience and training allow; each demanding a greater knowledge of the rope access skills necessary at the worksite. Both SPRAT and IRATA have three levels of certification available to interested rope access technicians. Generally, the experience requirements in terms of logged hours and time are higher for IRATA.

  • Level I Technician
    • An individual who performs rope access work.  A Level I Technician may only work under the direct, on-site supervision, which is interpreted somewhat differently by SPRAT and IRATA.
  • Level II Technician
    • An individual who is trained in advanced methods of access, rigging, and rescue. In the SPRAT system, a level II can have supervision responsibilities.
  • Level III Technician
    • An individual who has extensive training in advanced methods of access, rigging, and rescue, and who is responsible for the overall rope access work site, including risk assessments, access, rigging, and rescue plans.