I have rope access experience, is there an option for direct entry into SPRAT levels II or III?

Direct entry is available to candidates who can show proof of their experience in rope access.  The requirements for direct entry into Levels II and III are outlined in section 4.5 of SPRAT’s Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work.   Please note that all documentation related to direct entry must be approved by the Evaluations Committee in advance of the session.  Interested candidates should send all documentation in addition to a Direct Entry Candidate Pre-Approval Application via email to info@sprat.org for submission to the Committee no less than six weeks in advance of the scheduled evaluation session.  Please note that a $125 Direct Entry Application Fee will be assessed at the time of submission.  This fee does not cover the certification processing cost assessed following the completion of a successful evaluation.

Important Note: A moratorium is currently in place on Level III direct entry pre-approvals, with the exception of candidates who can show proof of a valid comparable Level III (or equivalent) certification from a recognized rope access organization, such as IRATA.