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Specializing in Difficult Access and Remote Welding Services

When it comes to Rope Access Welding and Fabrication, RIG is known worldwide to be the leading service provider in the industry. An AWS member company, we have the qualifications and experience to make sure your next welding or fabrication project is supervised and executed to keep you on budget and on schedule. RIG has a dedicated program to ensure our welders are qualified for each process per AWS Standards. In addition, RIG is the only rope access, welding company that assures quality work by qualifying our welders while suspended on rope. RIG is committed to maintaining our reputation as the leading rope access, welding outfit. You can rest assured that your project is overseen and managed at the highest standard.

Rope Access Welding is a safe and simple solution for welding in a hard to access area. From complex piping schematics to basic structural code welding, rope access is a proven method. In many cases, we can help our clients avoid the costs and risks associated with scaffold or mobile
work platforms. We provide a fully outfitted team of qualified Rope Access Welding Professionals who are fully prepared to handle every welding project we take on. Our success starts with careful Project Management and Pre-job Surveys. RIG takes the necessary time in planning out the specific project requirements to ensure a seamless and efficient execution, keeping you on budget and on schedule.

Each welding service is tailored to meet your project requirements. RIG will provide detailed drawings and post welding reports to ensure your documentation and qualification records are met. Our project managers and site supervisors communicate with your team to ensure the project follows all required specifications.

Our teams are committed to safety and quality and provided with the best available equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. One of RIG’s experienced Welding Supervisors oversees every project so you can be assured the highest level of project delivery and documentation. When planning your next welding project, call RIG and we will open your
options and provide new solutions.

AWS Welder Brian Bowman welding first collar on can that supports 34,000 lbs. of steam line.

Applicable Methods

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)

Benefits of Rope Access Welding

  • SAFETY: Safety is our Number 1 goal on all jobs from start to finish.
  • Rope Access is the safest method of working at heights in the construction industry around the globe.
  • Reduce man-hours at risk with our increased efficiency and better planning.
  • With our proven track record of safety, choosing RIG is an easy decision for our clients every project.
  • REDUCED DOWNTIME: Exceptional cost and time savings by eliminating traditional methods of access such as scaffold.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Being able to move safely and efficiently in a variety of vertical environments is one of the key advantages of rope access. Integrating these techniques has repeatedly proven to increase access and maintenance abilities in many industrial applications.
  • LOW IMPACT: By eliminating the need for excessive amounts of tools and equipment, our Rope Access Welding Teams ensure a low-key presence at your facility. This helps reduce property damage and unsightly construction materials in the view of patrons.

Qualified, Certified Experience

  • Qualifications and Certifications in Welding and Fabrication and Rope Access are the backbone of our Welding Program. All RIG Welders arrive ready to work with certifications that are up to date and are backed by state-of-the art training. RIG uses the latest technology in Welding and Rope Access Equipment to ensure that we exceed your expectations for the most difficult code welds.
Rigging International Group IRATA L2 welder Brian Bowman and L3 Construction Superintendent Tom Moulin taking care of business as usual.
When clients need it done safe and to code, choosing RIG to take on the job is an easy decision. Brian Bowman welding in his 4G root pass for a pipe hanger support yoke.

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