Rope Access Services

Rigging International Group (RIG) is an industrial rope access service provider. We specialize in access solutions needed for code application services in the oil and gas industry, refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation plants, pulp and paper mills, marine industry, bridges, dams, towers, silos, stacks and much more. We also provide fully certified rope access, confined space, general fall protection and custom-tailored courses in our training facilities.

RIG takes pride in staffing projects with experienced IRATA rope access technicians and certified tradesmen selected specifically for the project at hand. No matter how large or small the project, our priorities are focused on safety,  quality craftsmanship and timely production.


SPRAT certified rope access specialist uses high tech equipment at height to inspect infrastructure integrity of power plant.


Certified welder in action underneath factor pipes at height utilizing rope access.

Industrial Offshore

Rope access technician scales down the side of offshore oil rig to access area for repair.

Rigging Installations

Single rope access specialist hoists a large rigging fixture on offshore oil refinery.

Confined Space

Rope access technician accesses confined space inside industrial pipe.


Rope access rescue specialists.


Entertainment Rigging

Entertainment area rigging fixtures put in place utilizing rope access services.

Wind Energy

Wind farm near a remote river.