Improvised Self Rescue, Level 1

Improvised Self Rescue, Level 1

Offered through our partner, Red Rock Climbing Center, in Red Rock Canyon Conservation.

Length: 2 days

Cost: TBD (Offered through Red Rock Guides)


Designed for recreational climbers, cavers and canyoneers with knowledge and experience at an intermediate level. Climbing ability is not the gauge, but rather familiarity with systems, equipment and techniques. We will not be covering basic belay or rappel techniques, how to tie a knot, attach to an anchor, etc. Please get in touch if you are unsure whether you have the appropriate knowledge base. We hope to encourage you to sign up, and we can arrange a short refresher of basic skills at the Red Rock Climbing Center, or at our facility. We feel that the material covered in this course is essential for everyone who ties into a rope, and will greatly improve your ability to stay safe out there.

We will look at some of the more common causes of climbing accidents, and how to avoid them. We will also practice techniques that can allow climbers to get themselves or a partner out of a predicament.

  • Rappel safety
  • Releasable hitches
  • Belay escape
  • Knot pass
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Ascending a single rope
  • Ascending a doubled rappel rope
  • lternative methods for rappel/ belay/ lower
  • Lowering a partner
  • Simul-rappeling with a partner


We will focus on techniques and methods that use equipment the climber probably already carries on their harness. Please bring the following gear and mark your carabiners:

  • harness
  • shoes
  • climbing helmet
  • multi-use belay device, such as the ATC Guide or Reverso
  • 1 cordellette
  • 2 short Prussik loops
  • 2 shoulder length slings
  • 5 locking and 5 non-locking carabiners.


Safety is paramount on all our courses. The training location will be thoroughly assessed for hazards and managed by experienced professionals. And students will always be attached by a secondary safety line when practicing at height. Please ensure your equipment is in good condition.


Please contact us for information and registration.