Robert Goodwin

Bob Goodwin

Bob Goodwin is a co-owner and current President of Rigging International Group. As Director of Standards and Training since 2016, Bob is responsible for the development of our IRATA-compliant, industry leading, rope access programs. RIG is recognized as the gold standard for rope access construction, and Bob’s commitment to our training and standards has been a major factor in realizing that vision.  

Bob graduated with honors from Amherst College, with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. He then worked as a high school teacher and soccer coach in Galveston, TX, before initiating his professional climbing career in 2000: first as a theatrical and arena rigger; then as a rock and alpine climbing guide in the U.S. Mountain West, Central Andes, and Patagonia; and finally, as a rope access technician and instructor. Throughout his career, Bob has always strived for professional excellence and continued to seek out opportunities for growth and improvement. Bob is one of only six individuals who has become both an IRATA Assessor and SPRAT Evaluator. 

Bob lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife and daughter, and is an avid climber and skier. Bob gives back to the greater community through committee work and participation with industry organizations. Bob volunteers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Search and Rescue Lead Climbing Team and comes to the aid of hikers and climbers who have an accident or injury in Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain Wilderness. 

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