Engineered Pipe Supports Retrofit with Rope Access

Engineered Pipe Supports Retrofit with Rope Access

SPRAT certified rope access technicians retrofit pipe supports at height on an aging industrial energy facility.

Using rope access is an industry-proven method to increase efficiency and decrease costs for a wide array of maintenance, inspection, and construction tasks at height in facilities around the world. We’d like to outline here a common job at aging plants around the county: Retrofitting an engineered pipe support. Let us show you how our extensive experience can work for you.

Jacob Bateh, Process Engineer at Jacksonville River Energy AssociatesWe’ve used this crew during our outage for the past five years and would love to have them back on the next one.

Jacob Bateh
Process Engineer at
Jacksonville River Energy Associates

Every project begins with a comprehensive site survey to ensure that the needs and expectations of our client are understood. We strive to not only meet those needs and expectations but exceed them with a proven safety record, excellent communications, and timely completion.

Safe dismantling and removal of the existing support is top priority, both for the well being of our team and the protection of facility property.

Rope access inspection of infrastructure utilizing laminate scan.

Assessment of existing infrastructure is crucial to the long-term functioning of new pipe supports. Here, a laminate scan is being performed to ensure flange integrity at the hanger location.

Skill-based tasks, such as welding this pad eye are professionally accomplished at height in seemingly difficult-to-access locations using internationally recognized rope access procedures and accreditation.

To a large extent, pipe supports are built in the air using a variety of hoists and rigging specially selected and installed for each task. Here, an Anvil constant support hanger with a working load of 34,000 pounds is hoisted into place.

In the case of constant support hangers, once fit up and installation is complete, the unit is tensioned to the engineer-specified value. Here, the location will be re-insulated and the ropes and rigging demobilized.

Rigging International Group specializes in on and offshore rope access solutions for clients in need of the utmost in professionalism and quality code standards. We offer a vast range of industrial experience and a dedicated program to safety, quality and production. All of our technicians are IRATA and SPRAT certified as well as certified in their given trades and crafts. Our goal at RIG is to satisfy your needs in any work at heights. From offshore oil platforms  to onshore refineries, you can count on RIG to get the job done safe, efficiently and cost effectively.