Petzl Progress Adjust

Equipment Specifications:

Petzl Progress Adjust

Primary functions

  • Adjustable work positioning lanyard

Primary Features

  • Dynamic rope and clamp that allows adjustment and positioning

Standards and certifications

  • EN 358

Specifications and limitations

  • Standard testing requires the lanyard hold 5kN with less than 5cm slippage, 15kN at full extension, and 1m drop of 100kg mass

Proper handling and use


  • A positioning ring on the rope clamp connector is needed to keep the connector oriented correctly
  • Extend by unweighting and tilting the clamp, take in slack by pulling on reserve rope
  • Keep your lanyard taut, stay at or below the anchor
  • Free movement is limited to 0.4 m maximum
  • The PROGRESS ADJUST lanyard must not be used for fall arrest or to attach to the Duck R or other backup devices
  • Make sure the clamp is able to rotate freely and lock on the rope
  • Other equipment attached to the same connector as the rope clamp (for example your footloop) can cause the rope clamp to malfunction

Pre-use inspection

  • Verify that the rope clamp has no deformation, marks, cracks, excessive wear, corrosion
  • Check rope and the safety stitching and look carefully for any loose or cut threads

Misuse and discrepancies

Major Discrepancy (Fail)

  • FF2

Minor Discrepancy (Discrepancy)

  • Greater than FF1
  • Slack in lanyard
  • Used as attachment for backup device