IRATA technicians have a proven track record of production and safety standards throughout the rope access world that are unparalleled. With a recordable incident rate of less than 0.5 in 100,000 hours worked on rope, it truly shows that through rigorous training and practical application, IRATA standards surpass the competition with a backing that speaks for itself. 

We partner with our clients to provide an independent team of highly trained professionals or we can blend our technicians with your outfit to create maximum efficiency when the need to work together is necessary to get the job done. Site safety paperwork and pre-job planning is always intricately balanced and highly scrutinized before, during and after work takes place. 

IRATA member companies continue to lead the industry of rope access and working at heights with the records to back it up. With the quality assurance and expertise in services, IRATA standards have proved and continue to prove this around the entire globe. The diligent and structured training methods delivered to IRATA technicians follows a strict real-world experience syllabus that utilizes and delivers qualified personnel that are committed to excellence and determined to deliver pupils into the industry with a safe and professional work at heights ethos. 

The IRATA Difference 

  • Regularly audited training venues and operations 
  • Strict and vigorous company membership policy and criteria 
  • Millions of hours worked at heights with a minimal record of incidents
  • Unparalleled level of highly professional and qualified supervision 
  • Third party assessments of each and every certified IRATA technician worldwide
  • Constant monitoring and consistently updated policies and procedures 
  • Highly documented and detected equipment management systems
  • Pre-job safety planning with self and team rescue documentation implementation