Bob Goodwin is a co-owner and current President of Rigging International Group. As Director of Standards and Training since 2016, Bob is responsible for the development of our IRATA-compliant, industry leading, rope access programs. RIG is recognized as the gold standard for rope access construction, and Bob’s commitment to our training and standards has been a major factor in realizing that vision . . .

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Chad Umbel

Chad Umbel has a long history in the Industrial Rope Access Industry which stemmed from his previous career as a welder. He currently serves as our Director of Rope Access Operations and has gained well-rounded experience in a vast range of construction and demolition project applications over the course of his career. His ability to efficiently manage the sequencing of a project, coupled with strong client relationships has proved to make him a strong addition to any rope access project team. . . . Read more


Andrew is the father of three wonderful twenties-something children and grew up in Kennewick, WA. It was here, by playing Little League Baseball for the Lampson Crane team, that he had an early introduction to cranes and rigging. The familiar blue Lampson Cranes are some of the largest in the world and are built in Kennewick. Andrew has always found it interesting that playing Little League was the seed of his rigging career . . .

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