At RIG safety is our main objective. Without safety, no project or event is successful. We follow stringent guidelines to implement standards of safety that set us apart from our competitors. We believe that every job can be carried out in a safe, timely manner and not inhibit production. Working for this level of safety is something that can only be done as a team. Let us partner with you on your next project to give you that level of safety you deserve.


Quality labor and craftsmanship is what we provide. We hire only the best in the industry at RIG and it shows through our leadership and standard setting quality workmanship. From intricate code pipe welding to basic truss rigging, we guarantee our certified tradesmen will meet or exceed the needs of your QC program. At RIG we stand by three principals – Safety, Quality, and Production. We feel that all of these needs can be met by following a process that starts with good communication, honesty and integrity. We take the time and effort to discuss your needs and understand your vision so we can meet your standards.


Production goes hand in hand with safety and quality. We partner with all of our clients to customize and create a budget and schedule that revolves around your every need. Site Surveys and Assessments are always implemented before any project proposal is issued to our clients. This allows us to calculate and prepare an accurate quote to keep you from losing money and precious time. We also provide our clients with a current schedule throughout your project and communicate daily updates regarding production, safety, and quality control. At RIG we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Please call us to talk about how we can customize a schedule and budget for your next project today.