Part 1: Foreword

The first edition of Part 1 was published in January 2010.
The second edition was published in March 2013 plus amendments in September 2013.
This third edition was published in July 2014.
Amendments issued since publication in July 2014
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IRATA International code of practice for industrial rope access

Although there is a steady decline in the number of injuries caused by falls; falls from height remain the most common kind of workplace fatality. They are the biggest single cause of serious and fatal injuries arising from construction and maintenance activities. Safety when working at height is essential, and making sure that people use access equipment properly is a key part of this.

HSE recognises that, within the variety of work at height methods available, rope access is an accepted technique to use in appropriate circumstances.
I am pleased to continue HSE’s support of IRATA’s guidance in this area. This voluntary code of practice sets out good practice for individuals and organisations using rope access equipment and will help to ensure that health and safety risks in this area are minimised or avoided.

Philip White
Chief Inspector of Construction, HSE
01 January 2010
The Offshore Safety Division of HSE concurs with the continued general support by HSE of IRATA’s voluntary code of practice. Use of this code of practice is also commended for offshore working when rope access methods are required.

Rog Thomson
HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety,
Offshore Safety Division
01 January 2010

NOTE The word ‘voluntary’ used in the commendations is intended to signify that compliance with the IRATA International code of practice is not a legal requirement under UK law. However, it is mandatory for members of IRATA International to comply with the principles of the code of practice and this is a condition of their membership.