Allegiant Stadium IRATA Rope Access Support

RIG “Toolbox Talks” Vol. 1

The Raiders have arrived! And they are currently 1 and 0!

For the past two years, Las Vegas locals and Raiders fans around the globe have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Nevada’s first professional NFL football team. The brand-new Allegiant Stadium by the Las Vegas strip was one of the city’s largest construction projects to date. And what an exciting project to be a part of!

Rigging International Group has proudly supported the many trades and contractors that required rope access support since the beginning months of this amazing new facility.

Once the ability level of our rope access teams was recognized, we were utilized by nearly every major contractor in the building to assist a myriad of different trade services! We were extremely pleased to bring our solutions to a variety of challenging projects. With over 40 years of combined Rigging and Rope Access project management experience, we can meet the demands of
aggressive schedules without compromising safety and quality. From installing the duct work to coating the entire canopy steel with epoxy paint, RIG was up for the many challenges.

Allegiant Stadium IRATA Rope Access Support Las Vegas

This week’s blog post highlights the stadiums flare located on the North side of the facility. The above photo captures a rope access team co-working with a crew in a boom lift to install LED panels. The blending of these two access methods demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of rope access when scheduling and budgets are most important to our clients. This unique area
showcases the massive breezeway doors that can be opened when the weather is cool and calm.

The fans can enjoy their beverages and food on this expansive deck, with a breath-taking view of the one and only Las Vegas Strip, while the Raiders are beating up the competition on the field.

This LED Flare is in fact the largest 3D mapped feature on the entire globe! It was put together panel by panel over the course of a few months. We were happy to help Dimensional Innovations with the installation and final clean.

LED Flare Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas

The flare is dedicated with the famous Al Davis quote, “The strongest asset in the Raiders Organization is the desire to win” etched on either side, as well as the initials “AD” on a plaque at the front of the 360-degree wet bar below the flare. It is truly an impressive piece of art and we were certainly proud to be a part of it!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe out there in the field and always remember to check your back up!